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We are an independent provider of external capacities and related services. We entered on the market in 2005. Currently we have 800 FTE (Full Time Equivalent) on client projects and we are increasing this number per year. we successfully connect IT experts and our clients together.

We have an extensive database of suitable candidates, a marketing strategy and a sophisticated system. We have a success rate of over 92% in delivering offers to clients. Our contracts are managed by an extensive team of dedicated Sales & Recruitment professionals.

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Bonuses for Account and Sourcing Managers

How much you earn really depends on your activity and skill. We also believe that business is done through people. It's all about networking, follow-ups, meetings and actively processing all the stages.

We care about excellent personal relationships, individual approach and 100% professionalism. You definitely won't get bored with us and the salary is really attractive.

Recruitment tools

We use the latest tools for active communication with candidates and clients. We can help you build your personal brand through our marketing strategy which is largely based on paid advertising, Employee Branding and Inboud marketing. You will receive a fully paid LinkedIn Recruiter or LinkedIn Sales Navigator license from us. You'll do all of this on a powerful device that won't hold you back.

CoolPeople Academy

We systematically and continuously train our employees. This tool strengthens all aspects and skills for their further professional growth. At the same time, it gives confidence to the target group using our services that they are dealing with a true professional who has completed a course in the field in which they operate. The training courses are conducted by professionals in the field.

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We select new colleagues carefully so that they fit exactly into our concept of a tough, dynamic, yet cool and friendly work environment. We are a team of people who do not lack a sense of humour and do not lose their ambition. We have a fast work pace to match. Just choose a suitable position and go for it with us.

Day of Sourcing Manager

The Sourcing Manager searches for suitable candidates and communicates with them. For maximum success in recruiting candidates, the Sourcing Manager uses modern recruiting tools, including photography and filming of advertising banners. Working closely with the Account Manager, the Sourcing Manager looks after candidates from the start of a project to its completion and is responsible for the quality of candidate selection to meet the client's requirements.

Marta Hartmanová


Tomáš Jelínek

Who is Account Manager?

Account Manager is responsible for cooperation with clients. Proactively reaches out to new accounts and nurtures the existing ecosystem. He/she pursues new business and creates acquisitions by connecting clients with ideal candidates, which includes networking, follow-ups, meetings and proactively processing all stages. As part of CoolPeople's Care360° program, she ensures candidate and client satisfaction throughout the entire project and works with the Sourcing Manager to ensure that the interaction is enjoyable.

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